Pre-Season Update-- 2011-- Please Read

Back in the day, on the Giants' Usenet newsgroup (, there was a well-known troll whose preferred handle was 'GiantsHaveNoRing'.  Presumably this misguided individual has since retired that particularly appalling appellation, now that THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS ARE THE DEFENDING WORLD CHAMPIONS and all.

This parenthetical preface simply serves notice to you, dear reader, that any and all references, in our previous pages, posts, and polemics, to the Giants' having not won a championship since moving to San Francisco (and there were many of them over the years, dear friends) are hereby declared NIL, NULL, and VOID, now and forever. And furthermore, be it understood that we will not go back and, Politburo-style, "cleanse" the past. Rather, we hereby declare that such sentiment is reserved exclusively for the past, for historical reference only, and that such sentiments have no place in this world today-- a world that, fallen though it may be, still recognizes the San Francisco Giants as WORLD CHAMPIONS!

So let it be known.