Sunday, June 3, 2012



Well, it's the  best we could do on short notice. And it's not like we're suggesting Matty 2012 will go on to win 363 games and make the Hall of Fame, as did Matty 1912.  But yesterday's "Turn Back the Century" game, replete with block-lettered black-and-white scoreboard as well as classic uniforms (though to be truly authentic, they needed to remove the numbers from the backs, too) did bring out a classic 2-1 pitchers' duel between the Giants and the Cubs, the early 20th century's great National league rivals.  As fans of baseball history as well as baseball, we couldn't help but get a little caught up in this.

Credits go to the San Francisco Giants organization and to Arthur K. Miller and "The Art of the Game" for the above images.

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