Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America! America!

This short piece by  Kent G. Powderly, Jr., sums it up well.

Move over, Greece, here we come.

While doubtless there is significant vote fraud afoot, one cannot fight momentum forever, as decay sets in and an under-educated electorate grows ever more susceptible to the American Mediocracy (pun intended), which  flexes ever more monotonously to the engine of "47000 repetitions equals one truth."

Our civilization bought into the absolute that there are no absolutes two generations ago, and the mechanical result is a nation full of people who cannot connect the dots of cause-and -effect. Our civilization cannot possibly last under these conditions.

We imagined that we could cut the soul out of our culture and still have enough common sense for fiscal conservatism to save us, while we allowed the death of family, marriage, and sanctity of human life, forgetting that the loss of those ethics is what creates the rot that costs all the money to begin with. We wrung our hands to the whining mantra of "we can't legislate morality" while we closed our eyes to the self-evident fact that law, by definition, is legislated morality. Now a weak relativistic morality will cement in tyrannical law, because it can do nothing else.

But that's okay. Thinking Christians who know what they believe, and why, have shepherded individuals through the collapse of vast civilizations before. Except this time the barbarians have 21st century technology.

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