Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cleanin' out the Chips

In the spirit of Matt Cain's recent season-ending (and, we all hope, career-extending) surgery, we've tidied up a few loose ends around this place. Principally, we've finally consolidated our "Lifetime of Giants Teams" pages into a single ongoing chronicle rather than a decade-by-decade series. You can click on it it at right, updated through 2013.

Coming up later this year, we hope to post our ongoing "Giants Trades and Free Agent Signings" chronicle, also from 1965 to the present, complete with report-card-style grades for each trade. We've also got a "Giants Pitchers in the Postseason" spreadsheet that we're struggling manfully to convert into a bloggable entry.  And we're aware that our first "Candlestick Countdown" piece, greeted as it was with rabid indifference, has yet to spawn a sequel. It's comin'.

Now, the Giants take the field at Milwaukee in about a minute and a half, so let's focus our attention where it belongs.  Later, all.

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