Thursday, September 4, 2014

LA             78-62      ...                  "Postseason preview" not to their liking.
GIANTS    76-64     2  GB            2012 Series rematch on tap.

Giants lost at Colorado, 9-2, their tenth loss out of 18 games against the Rox.
LA lost to Washington, 8-5, in 14 innings, dropping two out of three to the Nats.

Both teams have the day off. Giants travel to Detroit for three this weekend, while LA awaits the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Yesterday's Game
Ryan Vogelsong gave up a career-high four homers, including two to Corey Dickerson, who is having quite the season there in Denver. That was pretty much it. Giants cuffed starter Christian Bergman around for nine hits, but couldn't draw a walk and grounded into three double plays. "Vogey" hadn't had an ugly outing since mid-July, so we can surmise he was due, and we can hope it'll be November before he's due for another.

Madison Bumgarner (4-1, 1.57, 56K in 46 innings) was named NL Pitcher of the Month for August. He remains Clayton Kershaw's main rival for the Cy Young Award, and whichever team comes out on top in the division may tip the scale...  If you want to claim the Rockies beat the Giants' "B-team" yesterday, go ahead. Michael Morse, Angel Pagan (stiff back) and Pablo Sandoval all sat, while Juan Perez started in center and Joaquin Arias at third. Bruce Bochy was quick to note he was just taking advantage of today's off-day to give the two a little added rest. There won't be much of that from now on...  The Kansas City Royals will be pulling for the Giants this weekend. They lead Detroit by half a game in the AL Central, and the KC fans haven't had a postseason since the 1985 World Series championship.

Pennant Parade
Along with Dodgers-Giants and Royals-Tigers, the remaining pennant races are in the NL Central, where St Louis has moved three games ahead of the plummeting Milwaukee Brewers, whose eight-game losing streak was helped mightily by the Giants a week ago, and in the AL West, where the LA Angels have pulled off a fantastic August surge to overtake the Oakland A's, whom they lead by four and a half. Meanwhile, the two East divisions are runaways, with Baltimore leading by nine and a half and Washington up by seven. Teams like Seattle, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh remain in contention for the wild-cards but are division longshots.

If the season ended today, it'd be the Angels, Orioles, and Royals in the AL, with Oakland and Detroit the wild-cards. In the NL, Washington, the Dodgers and the inevitable Cardinals would be in, while the Giants would be hosting those friendly Brewers in the wild-card playoff.

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