Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We Done Did It!

Friends, fans, and countrymen, a long labor of love has finally borne fruit-- or, at least, some mighty fine thorns.

Today we unveil our magnum opus, as it were-- the "Giants Trades and Free Agents" page, upon which we've been working for a few years and which is now, finally, caught up, current as of the 2014 World Championship, and available to you, Dear Readers, as grist for your never-ending mills of pleasant purposelessness. 

Yes, this modest-looking page, over there on your right, is a compendium of every significant trade the San Francisco Giants have made since the 1965 season, our inaugural campaign as fans. A massive undertaking. From Cepeda-for-Sadecki through Schierholz-for-Pence and beyond, and everything, or almost everything in between, here are the comings and goings of the Giants franchise as GM after GM tries to turn lead into gold, and often succeeds in doing just the opposite.

Delivered with the usual kindly, inoffensive commentary you've come to know and love on this site, we grade each trade like a demented high-school English teacher with a case of red pencils in one drawer and a vial of Benzedrine in the other.  Whether you agree, disagree, or vow to get even with us for defaming your favorite player is immaterial. What matters is you read the doggone thing and enjoy it!

You're so welcome. God bless!   

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