Tuesday, September 8, 2015

LA 79 58 -  
GIANTS 71 67 8.5 It's over. 

Giants lost at Arizona, 6-1.
LA defeated the Angels in Anaheim., 7-5. 

Giants continue with the Arizona series at Chase Field. Tim Hudson will get the start at 8:40 PM EDT (6:40 local time), and why not? It may be the last start of his illustrious career, and if so we hope he goes out with a strong effort. "Huddy" will always be remembered for his part in helping the Giants earn a ring in 2014.

Yesterday's Game
It was the Giants' season of shortcomings in miniature. A starting pitcher in whom the team placed high hopes stunk up the joint-- Mike Leake, in his first really bad start as a Giant, gave up 11 hits, 3 walks, and 6 runs in 6 innings. The starting lineup banged out ten hits, which is good-- but scored only one run, which is bad, stranding nine and not drawing a single walk. The defense was superb, backing up Leake, George Kontos, and Ryan Vogelsong with three double plays. The bullpen was effective. It all added up, once again, to "pretty good, but not good enough." When your starter digs a 5-0 hole in four innings, chances are you won't get out of it no matter how well you do everything else.

And so it's over. It really is. Even if LA had lost, it'd be over. You have to win the games, and over the last ten, with everything on the line, the Giants are 2-8. Hard to believe it was just a week ago that they arrived in LA knowing it was in their power to take control of the race. The Dodgers gained three games with their subsequent sweep, but they've also gained three more since. And forget the wild-card-- the Cubs are even farther ahead, nine full games. It ain't happenin'. 

And neither are we. This space will go on hiatus for awhile as we get ready for the NFL season, and you all may see some activity over at our sister page (ninerboogie.blogspot.com) if you're so inclined. We'll be back in October to wrap up the season and belabor the "Where did we go wrong?" sobfest well past toleration.    

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