Saturday, September 3, 2016

NL West W L GB
LA 74 60 - Not exactly running away with it.
GIANTS 72 62 2 Tough losses pilin' up.
Wild Card W L GB
GIANTS 72 62 - Bum faces Arrieta today.
St Louis 70 63 - Haven't missed playoffs since '10.
New York 69 66 2 Royals in same boat in AL.
Pittsburgh 67 65 2.5 Cubs' magic number is 13.
Miami 68 67 3 2 wild-cards, 2 World Series.

Giants lost at Chicago, 2-1.
LA lost at home to San Diego, 4-2. 
All the wild-card contenders lost, too.
Everybody lost.

Giants at Chicago, 1:20 local time, 2:20 EDT. The battle of the aces: Madison Bumgarner v. Jake Arrieta. Bum has the better ERA, but Arrieta has 16 wins.
LA hosts San Diego in a twilight start.
St Louis is at Cincinnati, Miami at Cleveland in interleague play, New York hosts Washington and Pittsburgh's home against Milwaukee. All evening games except a 1 PM start in the Queen City.

Yesterday's Game
Jon Lester needed 102 pitches for his complete-game three-hit win, his 15th. Alberto Suarez was game, allowing just five baserunners, but he was pulled after five for a pinch-hitter, as Bruce Bochy is obviously aware of the team's late struggles at the plate. The Giants have single-handedly turned Wrigley Field into a pitchers' park for this series so far, with a total of six hits in two games, Two of those hits have been home runs by Hunter Pence, and while it's great to see the big guy regaining his stroke, it'd be nice if he had a few more teammates on base when he made contact.  Four relievers held the Cubs in check over the final three; it seems to us our bullpen fares much better when we're slightly behind than slightly ahead.  

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