Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Could Be Worse-- Could Be Raining

Well, it is raining and has been raining and will be raining for a spell yet here in beautiful lush green Virginia, which is taking on a decidedly Seattle-ish look these days. And it was raining the other night in Chicago, enough to postpone the Giants-Cubs game and push Tim Lincecum's scheduled start back one day, to last night in Colorado, and we can all see how well that worked out, can't we?    

Needless to say, the Temptations' "I Wish It Would Rain" has been shoved to the back of the ol' playlist, while "Sunny Afternoon" by the Kinks is quickly moving up the charts here at Sodden-Death Acres.

Lincecum allowed fifteen baserunners last night while recording seventeen outs, and of the six ghastly walks he issued, only one was intentional. He struck out only three, which is not surprising when you see that his ball-strike ratio was 51-67.  You know how some football coaches will just burn the game film after a particularly ugly and out-of-character loss? Time for Bruce Bochy to fire up the old barbecue pit.

Heaven only knows how many runs the Rockies might have scored if they'd been able to run the bases with some degree of success! They had three runners caught stealing, another picked off base, and a fifth thrown out at the plate trying to score (thankyaverymuch, Andres Torres).  As for our beloved Giants, they grounded into four double plays and were 50-50 on steal attempts, so we can hardly afford any more snide comments.

Bright moments: four total bases, a homer, and the aforementioned assist from the .340-hitting Torres (and a belated welcome back to ya, buddy); Nate Schierholz continuing to hit (two-run shot, two walks, two-eighty-six on the season and batting fifth in another of "Boch's" creative lineups); two hits including a double from Miguel Tejada, who has finally hoisted himself north of the Mendoza Line; the Giants still holding a sliver of a half-game lead over these Rockies even after the loss. And Jonathan Sanchez sallying forth to do battle with Ubaldo Jimenez tonight. Eternally optimistic, we remain.

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