Saturday, May 21, 2011

Willie's Timing?

Not that we're a superstitious lot, mind you, but didja notice that since Willie Mays' 80th birthday, which the Giants celebrated by beginning a three-game sweep of the Colorado Rockies, the club is 11-3 overall and 8-0 at home? They've taken over first place in the division, and they have a chance now to sweep the crosstown rival Oakland A's with a win tomorrow.

Such are the pleasing thoughts engendered by Tim Lincecum's latest masterpiece, a complete-game three-hit shutout win this afternoon.  He struck out six without walking anybody, which is a testament to pitching right at your opponent's strength. Billy Beane's A's are famous for plate discipline, deep counts, and walks, with the inevitable strikeouts accumulating on the side. Lincecum was having none of that. He worked hard-- 133 pitches-- but he pitched his game, not theirs. Needless to say, last week's debacle in Denver didn't mean a thing. We've said it before and we'll say it again-- this, folks, is the guy you want on the hill when you have one game you must win. 

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